... teach students how to prevent alcohol-related incidents.
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TIPS for the University acknowledges that whether or not students choose to drink, they are likely to find themselves in situations where alcohol is being consumed. Unlike other alcohol education programs, TIPS for the University provides students with the CONFIDENCE, SKILLS, and STRATEGIES to prevent alcohol-related problems such as intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking among their peers. Proven effective by third-party studies, TIPS training can be delivered in the classroom or online.

Online Training

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eTIPS alcohol training is a self-paced, innovative approach to educating, equipping, and empowering students with the skills and confidence they need to prevent alcohol-related problems. eTIPS recognizes that students are in the best position to address drinking behaviors among their peers. They are close to the situation and understand the culture on their campus. eTIPS develops student’s social skills and provides strategies and skills for intervening in alcohol-related situations that may develop on and off campus. eTIPS University allows students to obtain the training anywhere, anytime.

Classroom Training

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All TIPS alcohol training sessions are facilitated by certified TIPS trainers who have successfully completed a one-day, Trainer-the-Trainer workshop. Bringing classroom training to your campus can be accomplished by:

  • Hosting a Train-the-Trainer workshop on your campus
  • Attending a Train-the-Trainer workshop near your campus
  • Contacting an independent TIPS trainer in your area.

What would you do?

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If you were the person who witnessed this what would you do?