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TIPS and Your Campus
There are two levels of TIPS certification: trainer and student. We recommend that you train at least one individual at your campus as a Trainer. Learn more about the levels of TIPS certification.

You can implement TIPS on your campus in a variety of ways. Each has its own benefits.

Host a workshop on your campus
Choose this approach if you want a trainer or trainers on your campus and you are willing to provide a location for a TIPS workshop. When you host a workshop, you can tailor the training to your own campus environment, and, optionally, offer seats in the class to neighboring schools or organizations. Learn more about hosting a workshop or contact us to discuss hosting arrangements.

Send one or more campus representatives to one of our scheduled workshops
Choose this approach if you want to send one or more representatives from your campus to one of our scheduled train-the-trainer workshops. Use this option if you need fewer than 6 campus trainers and you don't want to host a workshop at your school. Browse our scheduled university workshops.

Implement student-level training using a local independent trainer
Choose this approach if you are part of a very small satellite campus, or as a way to obtain immediate benefits from TIPS without the need to develop a training implementation plan. Browse the list of scheduled sessions or request training from a local independent trainer.

If you are not sure of the best way to implement TIPS for the University on your campus, use the TIPS for the University Assessment Tool to determine which of the available options will best suit your campus' needs.

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